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Whether you have already written your survey or are just starting to design it, SurveyHuman can help you get the questions right. Here’s how it works:

Customer Service Survey Questions Sydney

#1 Send us your survey

Send us your version of the survey as a text document, or even a link if you have already started programming it.

Customer Service Survey Questions

#2 Tell us why?

In a paragraph or two simply tell us why you are doing this survey. What would you like to get out of it and what sort of decisions would you be making off the back of the research.

Creating Surveys

#3 Review your survey

We’ll have a look at your survey and provide advice about the general approach, it’s structure, the language, use of specific question types and scales, randomisations, routing and piping. By accessing a real research professional with years of experience you can ensure that your survey is of the highest standard. Get peace of mind that your project will give you results you can use with confidence, and that will give you all you need.

Online Survey Tool

#4 Test your survey

When you have finished programming with your chosen survey tool, send us your link and we will test it for you ensuring it incorporates our advice and check for any additional improvements you might consider before launch.

Online Survey Design

#5 Advice on analysis

Finally we will provide you with professional advice on how to get the most out of your data from an analysis point of view including, data weighting, calculating central tendency measures, signficiance testing, cross tabs and more….! Even if you have already collected your data, we are happy to give advice on analysis. This is often the most difficult part of research projects, let us help you get it right and get the most out of your DIY research project.