Survey Length

Survey length is one of the most important considerations in quality research – generally the shorter the better, but you also have to balance this with meeting your objectives. This is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges in doing resea


Design & Structure

OK so you’ve done your planning and set out your decision-centric goals and objectives. It’s time now to put pen to paper and start thinking about the research instrument – that is the questionnaire. But before you start just writing questions


Goals and Objectives

What’s the Business problem? The desire to do research usually starts with some sort of business problem that requires evidence to support a decision of going one way or another. Although these probl


Time at Base Camp – Planning your Research

Although it’s tempting to just get started with your research project, it’s really important to take the time to plan and consider all of the options and possible issues before you start. Think about these types of questions to create a one page res



DIY survey tools such as Survey Monkey, Zoomerang, Survey Gizmo or Quick Survey are freely available making research far more accessible to smaller and medium enterprises, than ever before. The tools themselves too, have also developed quickly offering

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